About Me

My name is Jacqueline Ruddy.  I live in an ancient farmhouse with my husband and son, a dog and a cat, and twelve very noisy and demanding rescue chickens.  I love socialising and having dinner parties (although my husband is most definitely the cook), singing (as part of a four part harmony group), reading and, oddly, hanging out washing.  I have recently started learning to play piano too – although with more enthusiasm than skill, it has to be said.

In 1996 I gained my BSc degree in Occupational Therapy, and thereafter worked in a psychiatric hospital in Aberdeen for many years. During my role as a clinician, I developed a diverse range of skills that were transferable to my career as a celebrant – quickly establishing rapport with a wide range of people and personalities, extending empathy and compassion, gleaning information,  composing presentations and public speaking.

As a professional clinician, I would treat and respect my client as an individual with unique needs, wants and views, and would never impose my values or beliefs on them – again, very useful skills to have as a celebrant.  I also have a flair for writing, and a good sense of humour (if required!).

Recently, I completed my training as a Family and Wedding Civil Celebrant, and became a certified member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.  I became a Civil Celebrant because I care about people, and, as mentioned, I feel I have the skills to help ensure that you have the ceremony that you both desire and deserve.  I feel that I am qualified to help, support, encourage and inspire others to celebrate life’s various milestones.

As a professional, independent Civil Celebrant, I will provide a totally unique and personal ceremony for you.  Unlike a religious officiant or a Humanist Celebrant, I have no allegiance with any church or society so I am therefore able to create a ceremony that will reflect your beliefs and values (I firmly believe that your ceremony should be about you, and not the person conducting it).  I can also incorporate any cultural, spiritual or religious elements into the ceremony that you desire.  I am a romantic at heart, and love creative writing, and these two attributes combined help me compose wonderful and memorable ceremonies.

Be it a funeral, wedding, naming or divorce healing ceremony, it will be a beautiful, unique ceremony composed entirely for you and you alone.

Your ceremony – your way.

Jacqueline Ruddy