Weddings and Partnerships

Whether you’re planning a formal white wedding or something less conventional, I will compose a ceremony that is unique and beautiful, and may contain religious or spiritual elements if so desired.

You may wish to include symbolic elements to your ceremony such as hand fasting, loving cup or candle lighting. You may wish to have friends and family participate in your ceremony. You may want to have a theme to the ceremony, or have it undertaken in an unusual location. You may just want to have the two of you, and a few other guests – it is really entirely up to you!

Currently Civil Celebrants are unable to solemnize marriages. The legal part will have to be undertaken by a registrar. This is very short and simple process, which can be completed either at the Registry Office, or you can request the Registrar to come to your wedding venue.  Once this is done, then you can concentrate on the fun and exciting bit – your wedding ceremony!

Please contact me for more details.